October 20, 2011

Collecting recordings of Chopin's E-minor piano concerto

In the ranking of unusual hobbies, collecting recordings of Chopin's E minor concerto must be pretty far down the list - probably somewhere between impersonating a gynecologist and doing Albanian crossword puzzles with the help of Google Translate.  So I'm not all that embarrassed about it; and if along the way I can check out a pianist previously unknown to me, my pointless accumulation acquires just enough meaning for me to delude myself into believing that I have not completely wasted yet another 40 minutes of my life.

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coratogia said...

dear friend,
I was unable to find the way to ask you an interview about some russian wtiters who occupied all my summer.. (and still at work)
but another topic just burst at reading your joke about chopin collectors ..

that really happened (and still going strong !)
on my side , I only listen to Op.21 (F minor)
to day ,about 4 dozens of dics.
the problem being I can't get tired

you should have an idea how to take me out of this 'sortilege'

(of course, I was searchin "chopin" in a one of your friends' blog..

if answer, I will enjoy