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November 29, 2011

A nice first step...

Texting at a Cincinnati Symphony concert (image credit: AP)

The news making rounds in the classical music world is that Cincinnati Symphony has just established a special corner in the concert hall where patrons can text during the performance.  That's a nice first step. 
     Now how about a special corner for music lovers to jerk off during the performance (perhaps while simultaneously sexting with the free hand)?



laybl said...

Having spent 4 agonizing years in Cincinnati, I feel no surprise at the news of an electronic masturbatory section at symphony concerts. It has something to do with 5-way chili.

jacquesbrahms said...

Now the reviews can be even more hot-off-the-press and unreflective.

Anonymous said...

It's only a short step away from allowing pizza delivery or having hot-dog and beer hawkers roam the aisles ("Y can't tell the players widout a program!") during concerts.

But, that's par for the course when audience members have the attention spans of gnats.

Oh, for the days of my youth when the only extraneous distraction during a performance was the occasional sortie by bat or stray pigeon in the Crouse College auditorium.

Anonymous said...

a better way is to charge a fee per minute for this texting section. I would hope the section is outside the concert hall. they can watch the big screen tv and text if they want. Charge them a fee for the ticket and a fee for the texting time!

keralitee said...