March 25, 2015

Charles Rosen was right...

Those who dismiss contemporary art music on the grounds that it has failed to attract a large public conveniently forget to ask whether attracting a large public is an accurate (or even meaningful) measure of the music's aesthetic merits.  History shows that it is not

March 7, 2015

Rrrrreading the news

Sept 12, 2014
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Man died in a fatal accident early Friday
Man died in a fatal accident early Friday

Man died in a fatal accident early Friday

Can one survive a fatal accident?  Or die in a non-fatal accident?
     Well... since Fox News, especially in places like Tulsa, Oklahoma, caters to America-loving microcephalic neanderthals (presumably to counter-balance MSNBC, which caters to America-hating hydrocephalic imbeciles), I didn't think much of that sorry linguistic encounter and have completely forgotten about it until yesterday, when I came across  this:

06 Mar 2015

Angry mob lynches rape suspect to death in India

Lynch to death?  Where do they get such illiterate journalistic retards to write headlines for a supposedly respectable British newspaper?  And where do they find editorial mongoloids who approve such headlines?

Whoever these dimwits on both sides of the Atlantic are, let's hope they will soon be assassinated to death by murderous killers, and their lifeless cadavers buttfucked in the ass by villainous evil-doers.