May 31, 2013

Don Giovanni's blog stats...

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 Italia                                                                   640

 Alemagna                                                           231

 Francia                                                               100

 Turchia                                                               91

    Ispagna                                                              1003

May 23, 2013

Modern dentistry at its best...

Recently I complained to my dentist that my teeth have become sensitive to cold.
He said I should consider moving to Florida...

May 3, 2013

Psychopathology in the score

Imagine a situation in which I observe the suffering of an innocent human being.  Imagine also that, while I'm at it, there is a dreamy smile on my face, my eyelids are half closed, my lips are slightly parted, my fingers gently caress the armrests of my chair, and my breathing becomes progressively heavier and more rapid.  I think it would be perfectly reasonable for you to infer that the emotional (mental) states behind my behavioral responses are those of a full-fledged psychopath whose neural circuitry for empathy is either badly miswired or entirely missing.