June 24, 2011

Who can it be knocking at my door?

Until two days ago strangers who came to my blog via Google Search were all looking for music related things.  And then I got a visitor who yearned for experiences far more intense than those one can obtain by listening to music.   He was led to my blog by Googling "CLEVELAND + DUNGEON".
       Ah... the serendipity of internet search!  Probably a middle-aged man, in Cleveland on business for a day or two, away from his wife of 20+ years, and longing to spend an hour or so being suspended on chains and whipped by a leather clad, stern looking woman who answers to the name Helga ...   He saw the promisingly named Boom's Dungeon among the displayed Google hits, held his breath while clicking on the link, and.... found himself staring at one of my posts related to the Cleveland Piano Competition.

And so, after two years of keeping this blog, I suddenly feel compelled to ask myself (partly on behalf of the disappointed seeker of dungeons in Cleveland):

What kind of a fucking retard puts the word "Dungeon" in the name of a blog about serious music?
It will not help to point out that, as a grumpy, cranky misanthrope, I could not possibly have named my blog along the lines of "Friends in Music", with an obligatory bold-faced motto on the home page exhorting my readers to start each day by hugging a tree while humming Stockhausen's Stimmung.  True as it is, it surely doesn't explain why Boom did not choose to conduct his blogging business at his Place, House, Fortress, Kingdom, or some other less sinister-sounding environment.  And since I can't remember anything about the blog's baptism two years ago that would provide such an explanation, I offer this post as a permanent apology to all those who will mistakenly knock on the door of Boom's Dungeon in their quest for professionally administered pain and humiliation.


Ranapipiens said...

Fear not, Boom, expertly administered pain and humiliation can be gotten here -- just a bit different from your hypothetical case, that's all.

Then again, perhaps s/he recalled seeing that Curzon/Szell on a blog called "Someoneorother's Dungeon", but what the hell was that guy's name?

sasha said...

Yea Boom different strokes for different folks, it seems! Actually 'Dungeon' does seem a bit odd now that you mention it..Conjures up the medieval to me..With maybe a touch of the L'Homme au Masque de Fer..Anyways in the words of Miles Dewey Davis 'Call it Anything'..One hellva blog..Keep up the good work.

max said...

No worries. Probably just the former CEO of Broadcom stopping by to grab a few Bussotti Flacs for his lair.