April 9, 2013

Never too busy for this...

A few more live recordings of Carter's music came my way, and I thought I should not delay adding them to the blog.

First there is one of Carter's last compositions, Two Controversies and a Conversation, performed early this year in Paris by P.L. Aimard and Collin Currie with the French RPO under J.P. Saraste.  The orchestral support is more relaxed than what David Robertson obtained from the NY Phil in their world premiere broadcast, but the French performance enjoys significantly better quality of recorded sound.

Next, there is Carter's Oboe Concerto performed by Holliger a couple of years ago with the St Paul Chamber O. under Thomas Zehetmair.  Compared to Holliger's pioneering live recording under Gielen, the St Paul performance sounds attractively mellow, even dreamy. 

Also from St Paul are two chamber pieces: Enchanted Preludes and Esprit rude... , performed by members of SPCO.

Then there is the very recent Dutch premiere of Carter's Flute Concerto with Emmanuel Pahud supported by the Dutch Radio CO under Michael Schonwandt.

The last item, and the only one with less than superior sound quality, is Carter's Quintet for Piano and Strings, performed by M.A. Hamelin and Arditti Quartet.  The stereo sound is acceptable (certainly for Carter fans), and I find it vastly superior to the over-processed and sickeningly "glossy" sound of Ursula Oppens' commercial recording.


Boom said...







john schott said...

Holy Carter, BoomMan!

Ron said...

Thanks again Boom! A treasure trove of Carter!!! Woohoo!

maready said...


Thanks again for all the work you've done with the Carter memorials. I owe my current interest in 'Ultra-Late' Carter in large part to your postings of the pieces as they premiered (in Europe, of course!) I hadn't been keeping up with Carter during his last decade, but thanks to you, I've been catching up.

As for what USED to be called 'Late Carter', I'm really looking forward to hearing two performances in particular: two of my favorite 'Early Works' by Carter --- the magical Triple Duo (from your previous post) and the Piano Quintet (with the bizarre and, as far as I know, unprecedented meeting of Hamelin and the Ardittis.)

Thanks again and hope all is well in BoomLand.