September 17, 2013

Bulgakov would have loved this!!!


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 September 16, 2013

Russia: Shooting in Philosophical Clash

An argument over the teachings of the philosopher Immanuel Kant between two men standing in line for beer at an outdoor festival in southern Russia ended when one man shot the other in the head with gun loaded with rubber bullets, the state RIA news agency reported on Monday, citing the police. Though the wound was not critical, the attacker faces up to a decade in prison if convicted on assault charges. Among educated Russians, including those who drink, classical literature and philosophy are sometimes debated in casual social settings, the way sports often are in Western countries.


Ranapipiens said...

Conversation topics to avoid in Russia: politics, religion, sex... and the Critique of Pure Reason.
Thanks for the warning!

Guillermo Saar said...

In South America, you always omit discussions of Religion, Politics and/or Soccer with a prospective father-in-law

laybl said...

"Master and Margherita a long-time favorite...have there been reports from Moscow of Heideggerians attacking Stoics? And do the Stoics return fire?
I think a more accurate report on Russian repartee would be drunken mutterings about not much at all.
We had a Russian tenant, working at the UN, pre-perestoika, whose ramblings, post night at local bars, lacked sense and syntax.