November 2, 2016

If I were God...

Less than a week from today the American voters will decide whether their next president will be a flamboyant asshole or a corrupt sociopath.

The Asshole has no idea of how to run the country.
The Sociopath has a perfectly clear idea of how to run the country into the ground.

The Asshole thinks of facts as anything that pops into his head and sounds good at the moment.
The Sociopath knows exactly what the facts are and takes good care to distort and misrepresent them.

The Asshole dreams about putting his name in huge gold letters on the White House.
The Sociopath dreams about selling the White House to the highest bidder.

If I were God, I would certainly offer the country a better presidential candidate.  Say, a man of unwavering faith and commitment to family values to make him irresistible to religious conservatives; yet also one whose powerful intellect and staggering creative imagination would make him a darling of progressive intellectuals.
     How could anyone not want to vote for such a man?


alfred venison said...

but, shirley, you'd be ok if those qualities were (ahem) embodied in a woman? just sayin'. love your blog, keep coming back. -a.v.

Boom said...

Of course I would.
"And don't call me Shirley."


Robert said...

Dr. Nietzsche warned about the perils of democracy - the seducing of a populous by a self-serving individual. Now, we have to learn by experience. The problem with that is the lesson comes after the test!